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General Gig reviews

Your area to have about whatever you like...

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Re: General Gig reviews

Postby Twinkle » Thu Jul 12, 2012 9:41 am

Wow Livi, amazing, that's quite the list! You are a lucky guy :D
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Re: General Gig reviews

Postby Ginger » Thu Jul 12, 2012 2:46 pm

Chris, you certainly get around!
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Re: General Gig reviews

Postby Bobby » Thu Aug 02, 2012 11:32 pm

He do, don't he.

I thought this might be interesting. Every summer, at The Ryman auditorium, there is a six week series of Bluegrass every Thurs night with the best performers. It's a big deal for anyone to do this. So the last of the year was Ricky Skaggs and his band Kentucky Thunder, top of the heap. When hometown folk do shows, they are likely to have hometown guests. During the intro, it was said there would be special guests, but boy were we surprised when one of them was Barry Gibb, the only living BeeGee. And yes, they did do a bluegrass song. BUT, then they did some BeeGees, the band is capable of doing anything. Let me tell you, when they sang How Do You Mend A Broken Heart after talking about Barry's mother and her feelings of guilt (oh yes), there was not a dry eye in the house. And just as a general rule, that song has a completely different meaning now for anyone older.
They also did it at the Opry the next night and it is on Youtube if anyone is interested.
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Re: General Gig reviews

Postby Livi Crazy » Tue Aug 14, 2012 7:40 pm

Bobby, I'm still jealous of the amount of amazing music you get your way.

Well 2 weeks ago I was at the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland feat. Nicola Benedetti. at the brilliant GRCH (which as I have previously stated I have a love-hate relationship with) Well let's just say what a talented bunch of young musicians. Not one mistake and just incredible music throughout. The highlight of the night was of course Nicola Benedetti featuring on Max Bruch's Scottish Fantasy. The music took you into the deepest thoughts and imaginations carrying you through incredible stories. The future is bright for Scottish classical music.

Last Thursday and Friday I saw Toots and the Maytals first of all at the Liquid Room in Edinburgh, and then at the O2 ABC in Glasgow.

Well, the Liquid Room is pretty grim, its a rather dank little basement club on Victoria Street (the curved street from the Grassmarket to George IV Bridge). With Festival going on all around, I confined myself to staying on Victoria Street, away from that great evil. The Festival crowd did come into it's own however at the gig, removing Edinburgh's usual stuffiness and making it a truly fantastic gig, far better than any (non-Proclaimers) gig I've experienced in Edinburgh. The band turned up just as the doors were due to open, so sadly we were delayed by nearly an hour before we got in, but fortunately with just one support act we were able to get straight into the gig. And for a man old enough for a bus pass, Toots Hibbert does not show it. He boogied, roared, sang and got the crowd singing and dancing along like no one in the current music market can do. Much to my delight, the two delightful female backing singers (one of which was the night's support act) came out first and did pictures and autographs. Then the main man himself came out, and despite the pressure of the roadie, did a few autographs and pictures (sadly I didn't manage to get a picture, much to my frustration)

The following night it was off to my favourite city, one that doesn't need a festival to enjoy itself, and also back to one of my favourite venues, the brilliant O2 ABC. Well, back to the his usual style he had a few support acts this time, two in the form of Scottish ska bands, they kept the small crowd who had decided to turn up early going until the main man himself. Meanwhile, at this gig one of the Toots touring crew was selling t-shirts, which I gladly bought. Then the support act of the previous night, Chantelle Ernandez, warmed us up with a few excellent songs before toots himself came on stage to resounding cheers. Glasgow's audience was very much different, there to dance rather than sing, but having an amazing time to go with it. Anyway, before the gig, I had managed to get a poster thanks to the great people at the O2 ABC, and afterwards Toots signed it as his only autograph of the night.

Well, I couldn't wait until next week to see my next gig (Justin Townes Earle), so I have added in a gig this coming Friday, going to see Dougie MacLean again, but this time at the Queens Hall in Edinburgh.
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Livi Crazy
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Re: General Gig reviews

Postby Livi Crazy » Sat Sep 01, 2012 6:25 pm

As noted above, I went to see Dougie MacLean on the 17th at the Queens Hall. As it was an all seated concert, for only the second time, I chose to go straight to the concert from work, the bus took that long that I thought I was going to miss the concert, got there with about 15mins to spare which was just as well as I'll explain below.

It was my first visit to the Queens Hall, so I'll say a little bit about it. The venue is in the Newington part of the city and apparently up until the 1970s this was an active church, and it's still very evident inside. The "stalls" are loose seats, but around the sides on the ground floor and on the first floor are old fashioned church seats with a thin cushion along the length of them, narrow and extremely uncomfortable, but with a good view for all those that don't have a view blocked by a pillar.

This gig was part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and it was very interesting watching the crowd; there were those who turned up well early, clearly used to standing concerts and not allocated seating or not used to concerts at all; there were those like myself that turned up just before 7 used to concerts of all sorts but not festival concerts and therefore surprised to be let in; and then there were those who are used to ordinary concerts and like to skip support acts, they wandered in up to an hour late, very surprised to find the act well underway.

The tickets said 7.00pm and the gig started exactly then, Dougie MacLean himself coming on and doing two songs solo before introducing the other two members of the "Dougie MacLean Trio", an accordianist and guitar (or some kind of guitar instrument) player. They marched there way through an hour of Dougie's well known and little known songs before going for an interval, during which I found the merchandise stall staffed by Dougie's wife and bought a CD and a poster.

The second half kicked off about 20mins later, and went on for well over an hour before finishing up with an encore of Caledonia. Throughout both halves Dougie introduced almost every song by telling the audience the chorus and instrumental parts, creating, as he remarked later, a "sing-a-long with Dougie MacLean night".

Minutes after the gig had finished Dougie came into the bar where he was happy to sign autographs and take pictures. The flash didn't go off on my camera, and he immediately said to check whether the picture had turned out and come back if it didn't. Along with the picture I managed to get two signed posters which are now framed up on my wall.

This coming Tuesday I'm off to see Justin Townes Earle, before the long wait till the five Proclaimers gigs in November. I've also just purchased a ticket to go back and see the Proclaimers in Dunfermline 4 days before Christmas.
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Livi Crazy
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Re: General Gig reviews

Postby Livi Crazy » Tue Dec 18, 2012 7:17 pm

Since the last time I posted on this thread I went to see Justin Townes Earle at the O2 ABC.

I was rather surprised on arrival to find we were in the smaller O2 ABC2 down the stairs, but this was great as it was a very intimate venue, standing at the front we were within an arms length of Justin.

To add to my surprise, Justin came out with a full band, and the sound was just glorious, hearing some unforgettable versions of his great songs from the last 4 albums.

Justin has come a long way since i first saw him support Rodney Crowell, and he seems a lot more mature and calmer (possibly down to him being clean now) than he once was, though he certainly still has a temper. On introducing his song Mama's Eyes he was talking about his father, when one member of the audience shouted that he shouldnt forget where he came from, he quickly snapped back "you don't know him like I do, so shut the f*** up".

With the wait between Justin Townes Earle and The Proclaimers proving just too long, I added in a comedy gig at the Playhouse, seeing the very droll Jack Dee. He was far less "depressed" than I expected him to be and talked comfortably and amusingly throughout the gig. Jack Dee was a wildcard gig for me this year, but I genuinely enjoyed his performance, with lots of laugh out loud, risky moments.

This month, I saw Kris Kristofferson with Roddy Hart supporting. Roddy opened with two members of his Lonesome fire band (that in itself makes me admire him, how many modern bands have a named backing group like the old days?). A particular highlight of this is seeing Kris Kirstofferson come out to lend supporting vocals to their song Home. Kris Kristofferson did a lengthy set, split with an interval, covering all his greatest hits and some less well known songs, he crowd was warm and keen, sometimes too keen. One particular drunkard attempted at several points to start clapping but as quipped by KK himself, its impossible as even he doesn't know the rythmn he is doing. He was joined on some songs by his daughter, though not the greatest singer, the duets were heartfelt and enjoyable.

Tomorrow I'm off to see the stunning and talented Katherine Jenkins do her Christmas concert, before the Proclaimers on Friday. I wedge in a gig next week, seeing the Glenn Miller Orchestra.
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Livi Crazy
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Re: General Gig reviews

Postby Livi Crazy » Mon Mar 10, 2014 7:40 pm

Hey everyone, never realised how long it had been since I logged on, how has everyone been?

Anyway, since I last posted on this thread I have been to see a hell of a lot of concerts, 24 in 2013 and 4 so far in 2014.

Roddy Hart & the Lonesome Fire *****
Yamato Drummers ****1/2
Pasadena Roof Orchestra *
Andy Parsons ***
Rodney Crowell and Emmylou Harris *****
Sutra **1/2
Shaolin Warriors ***
Steve Earle and the Dukes *****
Eddie Izzard *****
RSNO (Qatar 2013 concert) ***
Hugh Laurie *****
The Blues Band *****
Kenny Rogers ****
Dougie MacLean ****
Ardal O'Hanlon **
The Glenn Miller Orchestra ****
The Wailers **1/2
Kris Kristofferson *****
The Proclaimers *****
The Mighty Diamonds ***
Dougie MacLean and the MacLean Project *****
Roddy Hart & The Lonesome Fire ****
Roddy Hart & The Lonesome Fire *****
A Christmas Carol *****

Celtic Connections International Burns Concert ****
George Ezra ****
The Ganda Boys **1/2
RSNO Plays the music of John Williams ****

Planned concerts at the moment:
Dougie MacLean and the RSNO
Tom Jones
Still Game
Clint Mansell
of course I plan to book more in than that, indeed I might be booking Sandi Thom, who I first saw support the Proclaimers in 2005 at my first ever concert.
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Livi Crazy
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Re: Lady Antebellum tour

Postby ucancallme_Al » Sun Apr 02, 2017 8:46 pm

Any other Lady A fans out there in Haver land? We're going to the Manchester gig; probably the biggest venue we'll ever have been to.
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